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What is a VI ?

(Video Interpreter)

The Deaf, who we serve, are collectively defining their culture.
We support this project 100%

Deafhood videos as they arrive will be posted on the Deafhood page here

Video Interpreter

a) a person providing American Sign Language -ASL interpreter services via hi-speed broadband internet cyber connections merged with video & audio technologies. (videophone - computer / webcam - audio headsets) Markets for this service include VRS & VRI

b) belonging to an exploited labor force whose value is determined
to be an extremely profitable commodity to the corporate entity when recognizing applied cost to benefit ratios.

c) a seasoned professional with a skillset of providing unique and unparalleled ASL services through the internet facilitating video communication within the confines of a call center environment between hearing and deaf consumers every hour,every minute, every second of every day.

VIU is a group dedicated towards the growing of a collective video interpreter voice . The organization is free to all who want to join.

VIU clarification video

What is a VRS ?
(Video Relay Service)

Sweet 16 (aka "the rest")
and the provider with the monopoly of 85% of the VRS market
Sorenson VRS
VRI languageline

Facts & Access

10 digit numbers
TRS history docket
Disability rights office headlines

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ASL 10 digit number-E911
National Emergency Number Association (NENA)
Dispatch Magazine On-line

Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) VRS-E911 FAQ
Julius Genachowski -chairman (Obama appointee) bio

VI cheat sheet

outsourcing-"white label" call center ad

call center software and more

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